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The world of payment processing is changing and facing many new challenges that come with those changes. From increasing costs of maintenance for outdated legacy systems, SEPA Inst implementation, need for 24/7 operational systems, and a decreasing availability of individuals working with manual, repetitive tasks; banks of today are faced with growing and escalating operational costs, and new, unprecedent challenges emerging at a quicker pace than ever before.

Our solution for you is ImPAI: a cloud-native payment platform that leverages AI. ImPAI addresses not only the demand for high performance real-time processing and task automation, but also offers a way to navigate the high costs and operational inefficiencies associated with traditional legacy systems. By providing a service that integrates AI, ImPAI significantly improves transaction processing, reduces operational costs, and increases user trust in automated systems, helping you adjust to a changing industry.


A game-changer for enhancing the employee experience in payment processing, ImPAI’s AI-powered system supports a remarkable range of over 60 languages, easing the onboarding process, enabling new team members to quickly become effective contributors. And by taking over routine tasks, it liberates staff to concentrate on more value-added activities. This leads to a more consistent and efficient workflow, boosting overall productivity and setting the stage for ongoing innovation in payment solutions.


Don’t compromise on your budget and choose how you pay. ImPAI offers a flexible pay-as-you-go model where you're billed only for what you use, or a subscription service with a low initial fee for full access to instant payment features. Both are tailored to match your usage needs and budget preferences.


ImPAI is engineered with scalability at its core, making it the perfect partner for banks of any size. In combination with our microservice architecture, we offer a logistically and financially viable approach to handling payments, and as your transaction volume grows, grow with it! Opt for a flexible, pay-as-you-go model and scale up effortlessly at your own speed.

High Performing

Say goodbye to performance problems! With the power of in-memory Redis technology, we process over 1000 transactions per second, ensuring every transaction is checked, balanced, and processed instantly.

Microservices Architecture

ImPAI’s microservice architecture ensures that you pay only for what you use, and that you use only what you need eliminating your overspending on unnecessary features. Our modular approach allows for swift deployment and ongoing enhancements, ensuring that the payment system evolves in step with your business needs and streamlines the payment process.

Cloud Native

Embrace ImpAI's cloud-nativity for seamless integration and market adaptation without the hardware costs or IT maintenance. Instead, invest in strategic growth as you reallocate resources where they matter most. Enjoy the liberty to focus on priorities, assured that ImpAI secures your payment operations.

Inspire Efficiency

A neat and polished workspace
designed for high performance.

Discover the interactive UI meant to boost the end-user productivity using our ConversationalAI. Users can request assistance in more than 60 languages for payment processing, transaction reviews, and application onboarding support for new joiners. Designed with end-users in mind, for the optimization of their workflow and tasks- we want to make sure that using ImPAI is as easy as pie.

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